Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) Management

GNERA Energy processes to the CNMC the expedition, transfer and redemption of Guarantees of Origin.

What are Guarantees of Origin or GoOs?

It is an accreditation, in electronic format, that ensures that a given number of megawatt-hours of electrical energy produced in a given period of time have been generated from renewable energy sources or high efficiency cogeneration.

The CNMC (National Commission for Markets and Competition) is the agency responsible throughout Spain for issuing and managing guarantees of the origin of electricity.

Depending on the MWh produced by a plant per calendar month, CNMC is requested to assign the corresponding GdOs. The number of GdOs issued will be equal to or less than the net electricity production in MWh actually generated.


We manage Guarantees of Origin, maximising their value for our clients.

  • NMarket analysis and evolution .
  • NRegulation and Normative
  • NManagement and processing of GdOs
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