Are you a renewable energy producer?

We help you by representing you in the electricity market.

After almost 20 years operating in Electricity Markets, GNERA Energía is positioned among the main representative agents in Spain.

What services do we offer?

Representation in the Electricity Market

We manage and optimize the sale of electricity from Renewable Energy Producers in the Electricity Market.

Control Center and Telemetry

We have an in-house measurement concentrator that collects production data from each and every one of the plants that make up its representation portfolio.

Price hedges and PPAs

Price hedging, SWAP and option pricing to minimize market price volatility.

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) Management

We offer our clients the service of management, expedition and transfer of Guarantees of Origin.

Energy Consultancy

High quality personalized consultancy. In addition, GNERA Energy sends notifications on regulatory matters related to possible updates in the regulation or in the sector that could be of interest to the producer.

Our numbers speak for themselves







Our numbers speak for themselves

At Gnera Energía we place special emphasis on our relationship with our customers.

The renewal rate of contracts with our customers is around 99%.

Personal attention

We assign a personal advisor for each client, who will be the main interlocutor for the resolution of doubts, requests or requests for data or any other type of management.

Detailed reporting

Given the importance of the transactions carried out on behalf of the producer, it is essential for the producer to be able to audit and trace the operations carried out.



We offer periodic training seminars given by GNERA Energía’s multidisciplinary team.